Thrift Store War


Fashion. It’s such a huge part of who we are. Some of the most unique finds can be found at thrift stores, but the real question is which thrift store is the best? So I have decided to compare two of the biggest thrift stores. The two I’ve chosen are Deseret industries and Goodwill.

I’ve been shopping at both stores a lot lately. My local Goodwill and Deseret Industries have had a good selection of items, but I have to give it to Goodwill— they’ve had the best selection. Recently I have found some perfect condition Air Force Ones and two pairs of LuLu Lemon leggings. As far as prices go, Deseret Industries knocks it out of the park. I recently spotted a pair of gently used Jordan 4 What The’s for only 10 dollars.

Goodwill stores are not nearly as organized and tidy as Deseret Industries. Deseret Industries Donates 100% of their profits to humanitarian aid and they do a lot of good in our local communities by hiring people with disabilities or people that really need a job. Goodwill also donates some of their profit to help people in need.

Both thrift stores fared pretty well in my comparison. If you are willing to look and put the time in, you can find great fashion finds at both stores. It comes down to what’s important to you? Price, selection, or how much good the store does for the community and less fortunate? My personal opinion is I would rather shop at Deseret Industries. They have fabulous prices and the store looks amazing but it’s all personal preference.