The End Of The Year Dance


Lauren Wynn

Mountain View’s End of Year dance will be held on Monday May 24, from 8-10:30. Will you be attending?

It’s getting warmer and the sun is staying up later, so it’s definitely feeling like summer! Every year certain things signal the end of school and the start of sleeping in and slowing down. Starting in elementary you look forward to field day, in middle school it was yearbook day, and at Mt. View it’s the end of the year dance!

On May 24 we have our official end of the year dance. It’s a great time to hang out with friends and spend a few last hours together. It’s time to laugh, sign yearbooks, eat and of course dance! It’s the perfect way to start summer and really leave the school year behind. All the tests are done and all the grades are in so there really is a feeling of freedom and lightness. If your time at Mt. View is just beginning, it’s a chance to meet people and get a feel for what high school is like. It’s a time to get acquainted with bruin culture and feel that school spirit that is so important here. If you’re already in the midst of your journey here it’s a time to remember your friends and teachers. It is also a chance to make summer plans and smile at all the possibilities summer offers! For seniors, it’s a time to reminisce and a time to look forward. You made it! You survived some crazy times: tests, dates, assignments, dances and Covid too!

Let’s all support our school and show our bruin spirit! The old saying, the more the merrier, is definitely true at dances! Make it a memorable night and join us for fun, friends and of course dancing. It’s sure to be a great way to launch into summer and say goodbye to another school year!