Homecoming Dance: Date or No?

When you think of Homecoming, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Typically it would probably be the perfect date. You think of the person you want to be asked by. You wonder if they would ask you to be their date, and if they don’t it would make your heart drop into your stomach.

Why is it so important to bring a date along with you to Homecoming?
Bringing a date to the Homecoming can be fun. You get to wear a corsage, and show off your date to your friends. An anonymous student said, “Even though I don’t have a date for homecoming doesn’t mean I didn’t want to bring one. The main reason I wanted a date was the feeling behind it. Getting asked to the dance gives you this feeling of pleasure and confidence. It makes you feel good about yourself. Having a date lets you know that you are not alone.”

What about the students without dates?
Going to the homecoming without a date opens up a lot of opportunities. You could go to the homecoming dance with a big group of friends. You could even ditch the homecoming, and have a sleepover at a friend’s house. Amelia Christopherson said, “ I didn’t come to the homecoming dance to have a date. I came to have fun, and hang out with my friends. Having all your friends together in one place is way better than hanging out with one person.”

So what are the pro’s and con’s about both perspectives?
Going to the homecoming dance helps you with your confidence, and you could even end up dating the person after the dance. It also leads you out of your comfort zone which can be a good thing. Thinking you need a date for homecoming might make you feel self-conscious about yourself. It is important to remember that bringing a date is not the most important thing. Now going without a date is good, because you get to socialize with more people at a time. The problem about not bringing a date could isolate you from being able to step out of your comfort zone.

In my personal opinion I believe that going to the dance with a date would be the better option, but if you can’t get a date you shouldn’t be discouraged by it. Now talking about all of this information I will leave you with a question.

Do you think it’s important to bring a date to the Homecoming?