Via 313 review


Rose White

VIA 313 Building

VIA 313 is a new pizza restaurant that opened a few months ago at 212 E University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058. The restaurant used to be a Village Inn that I saw often when driving, but never went to because I thought the food there wasn’t very good. I didn’t think much of the new restaurant around the time it opened, at least until I heard from my mom that their menu had vegan and vegetarian options along with the food listed. She had gone previously with someone else, and told me that their pizza was amazing.
I became curious about it so my mom and I went there to try it out [second time for my mom]. We had ordered the pizza online and went to pick up our order when we received the notification that our food was ready. We then went to the restaurant and went inside to pick it up. It took a minute for someone to give us our order but while we were standing in the lobby I noticed that the inside of the restaurant looked so much better than the outside, and had a homey look to it with lights hanging from the ceiling, and occasional bricks or stone decorating the walls. It looked like a very nice place to have a family dinner at, or go there with a group of friends because of how cozy everything seemed.
Once a very nice employee gave us our order, we went back home to try it. I was surprised at how nice the service was, because I was expecting the normal routine of them doing their job politely without putting in anything extra. Of course that was just one employee, I’m not sure about the other people who were working there, but everyone seemed friendly.
What we ordered was a large pizza with vegan cheese and sausage, and it was one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted. In my opinion, there was a little too much cheese but that was just me. My mom loved it and I ended up eating six pieces. I didn’t even realize until I felt like I was going to explode. The pizza may look small, but it actually isn’t. I thought I was going to die of food overdose.
Overall, eating at VIA 313 was a great first experience and I will definately be eating there again soon. I have also heard good things about the restaurant from previous conversations. I hope that VIA 313’s business does better than Village Inn did, and gains more success in the future.