New student body officers share thoughts

New student body officers were elected on March 31st; here’s what they had to say:

Robbie Miller: Student Body President
I’m honestly super honored for this position. I am ready to put my whole heart and soul into it. I have been looking forward to this since junior high and I have been preparing for it for a long time, so it’s awesome to finally be in the position and already be working and I’m excited to see what next year holds.

This past week, Red and Gold week, let me tell you, probably a combined total of 20 hours of sleep for the week, so it was not terrible but it was definitely very fatiguing. There was lots of filming, and just a lot of compromising with the different people on the team, but it was honestly the most fun week of my life. It was such a unique experience, and we got a lot done and made a lot of really great friends.

I’m excited; next year is going to be such a great year. All the incoming sophomores, it’s just going to be a really big highlight for Mountain View and I’m super excited to see what’s to come.

Jackson McBride: Student Body Vice President
Red and Gold week was a lot of fun; it was obviously stressful as everybody knows – there’s a lot of work to put in, a lot of planning, knowing where to go and just a bunch of other stuff, but it’s a lot of fun. I’ve grown really really close to my team, I love them all, and all of the hard work has paid off, and I’m really excited to work on student council this year.

Allie Warner:
I’m super excited for next year, and I’m happy. I was on the Red Team, we had an amazing week, and it was so much fun we were able to bond and become friends and it was a great time. Don’t be afraid of failure; just do anything. I wasn’t going to try out but I’m really excited that I did.

Emma Patterson
I am so shocked and grateful. This week has been so crazy and so worth it. I love everyone and I love Mountain View and I’m so excited to be able to work towards it and make it a better place, and work with everyone involved with that, and I’m just so happy and grateful.

John Francis
I am beyond excited for student council and I am very extremely phenomenally excited. That was terrible, but it’s okay.

Ryan Vandenbos
It’s kind of a surreal moment considering all the people that didn’t make it, and that I was in the top nine people in the school, so it’s pretty amazing

Sarah Whitehead
It feels so great. I’m grateful that I won and I accomplished this after putting in so much work and being exhausted this week. It’s so great that I like succeeded at this.

So we started Friday afternoon, right when we found out what our teams were, and we figured out what a home base was . . . and we just would be there from like eight in the morning until midnight and Monday morning we got there. We started at 5:15 for breakfast and a morning meeting, and then we just have been going, going, going, editing video, filming video, writing scripts, and just going crazy a little, but it has been good.

I just want to say that I love everyone and that everyone is a Bruin and to not give up if you didn’t win this week, to just try for senior class or for a rep position. And thank you for voting for me!

Steven Fletcher
There’s lots of different emotions right now, with some of the team making it and some of them not. But overall, either way, win or lose, it’s a really good experience and it has been super fun to make so many new friends and stuff. It’s been an awesome experience.

Parker Smith
Throughout the week it was super hard to do everything, but then we worked as a team and it was super good because we were all close together. We made all these plans, then at the end of the week we were all prepared; that felt so great and so fun.