Encanto-The next best Disney movie?


Rose White

Disney Encanto

A new Disney movie came out recently, regarding a happy atmosphere and a magical family. The movie Encanto is about family, and both the struggles along with the good times that come with having one. The movie is portrayed as a fun kids movie and it is, although there was definitely an underlying sadness to it. This is one of those movies that creates a connection with the audience. Whether a viewer can relate to a character, or be completely sucked into the movie screen with interest. It was realistic how each member of the family had their repression and fear of not being enough, which is relatable to a lot of people and relates to the audience very well.

The songs in the movie were unique, fun to listen to, and very feel-good oriented. They were catchy and original, but one of them definitely suggests that this movie might not be just as enjoyable for adults as it is to kids. It’s a little silly and weird. As well as the songs, the characters that perform them are very unique.

At the beginning of the movie, it seemed like the amount of family members would be impossible to keep track of, but by the end, it was easy to tell who was who, along with where everyone’s place in the family was. It definitely captures everyone’s relationship to one another, and the family dynamic was really well-made. It was clear that a lot of effort and time was put into this movie from how emotional it was, along with the amazing animations.

The movie did well with creating a culture and traditions with the importance of family. There wasn’t an established villain, but with the way the movie was made, it didn’t need one. The real conflict was trying to sew back together the bonds of the family, and changing the way things were done that tore it apart in the first place. Beside the conflict, comedy was fluent through most of the movie, and was entertaining through all of it. The movie didn’t feel like it was almost two hours, which meant that it filled its time very well.

The overall plot was thought out very well, and sparked all different kinds of emotions in the viewer. This movie would definitely be watched again, and over and over by children especially. However, there are some quirks the movie has which give a guarantee that this movie might not be for everyone. Whether Disney’s Encanto is indeed the next best Disney movie, is for the audience to decide, but it is definitely worth watching.