Valentine’s day was last weekend-a holiday lot of people love and some hate. Many try to come up with creative ways to give their loved ones something special on the infamous holiday. Some buy roses, chocolate or jewelry while others have a very special way of serenading that special someone. At MVHS the most popular way is Valentunes! Groups of girls and guys from the chamber choir here at MV are hired for $15 to go and sing a love song to someone. Many students hired the choirs to sing to boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, brothers and sisters, etc. Some even used it as a way to prank and embarrass their friends.
A comment left by sophomore John Francis was “Receiving one of these Valentunes was a great experience for me”. This is something that can enlighten students day. Another comment left by Sheridan Bishop is, “It is good to know someone loves me enough to hire a singing choir for me!”. The choir aims for the students to know they are cared about by another, it is the whole point of Valentunes. One of the funnier comments left by Kendrick Lee was “Why. why did my friends want to do this to me. It was awkward and i didn’t know how to react so I just smiled.” This shows how these can also be funny and a good prank to be used on your friends, it draws the attention of the class right on you. Valentunes are sold every year, so don’t forget to get one next Valentine’s day.