Dia de los Reyes

We all know about Christmas and New Years Eve but not everyone celebrates them or they celebrate differently. Dia de los Reyes is celebrated on January 6. Dia de los Reyes is kinda like Christmas, but it’s not Santa Claus bringing the presents but the three wise men who deliver presents to the kids and it has a whole different meaning to that day. It’s a day to honor the three wise men who brought gifts to Jesus Christ. They followed the star to find Jesus Christ to deliver the gifts. All families gather together that day and buy a rosca de Reyes and have dinner. The rosca is bread that has fruits inside. It’s a shaped round to represent the king’s crown. Inside the rosca there is a small baby Jesus, the candied fruit on top of the rosca represents the Jewels that the crown would have. People gather around the rosca and get a piece and see who gets the baby Jesus. Whoever gets the little baby Jesus has to host the Dia de la candelaria, where they have to serve hot chocolate and tamales to everyone who comes. On January 5th the kids leave their shoes for the three wise men and in the morning find gifts and presents surrounding them. Some people leave a box of hay under the bed for the camels to eat for when the three wise men come with them. A lot of people who celebrate this transition do not believe in Santa Claus just on three wise men. For a lot of people it’s a very special day where they spend it in church. This tradition is celebrated everywhere, you might go to the market and around January 5th or 6th see rosca getting sold. This tradition is getting more popular because people are celebrating it more!