Toyota GR86 debut



The brand new GR86. Does it live up to its hype?

Back in 2012, Subaru and Toyota redefined the idea of a fun affordable sports car. The collaboration of these two companies resulted in sporty 2 door coupe which was affordable to most car enthusiasts. Now in 2022 with the new release of the redesigned 2022 BRZ and GR86 comes a slew of new features.

Quite possibly one of the most anticipated cars of 2022 is the GR86. With a brand new 2.4 boxer 4 engine with 228 horsepower. Most people would find 228 horsepower underwhelming for a sports car, but forget its 2811 lbs. curb weight. These types of cars you don’t find anymore especially when it puts the power down through a traditional 6 speed manual transmission or an automatic.

The most notable features of the new car are the visuals. With a more aggressive front end and new styling cues. With the rear end Toyota went with a more simplified look. Opting for tail lights that most people criticize looking like a ‘Honda’. Moving on into the interior, you get an all black inside. Paired along with simple buttons and an 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system. Toyota also opted for a full digital gauge cluster that looks sporty and easy to read.

The GR86 will be offered in two trims. The base starts at $28,635 and the premium at $31,325. With LED head and taillights and the 8 inch infotainment touch screen coming as standard on both. Compared to the premium version which nets you with more creature comforts, such as heated seats and suede material. Along with sporty aluminum pedals and a subtle duckbill spoiler in the rear. It also comes equipped with sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. Whenever you feel like going on a spirited drive. We can thank Toyota for giving us a fun car, for at least a few more years.