Tom Brady retires NFL after 22 outstanding seasons


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Within the first month, the new year has definitely proved that it is full of surprises; one of which being the rumor of NFL Tom Brady’s retirement. Brady was the quarterback for the New England Patriots as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
He is best known for playing and winning multiple Super Bowls with the Patriots (2000-2019). His current team is the Buccaneers as of 2020. Being a 7-Time Superbowl Champion, 5 of which he was crowned Super Bowl MVP, as well as a 3-Time Regular-Season MVP award and 15-Time Pro Bowl Selection Titles at 44 years old definitely puts an outstanding mark on his reputation.

The ongoing rumors of his retirement have been stirring up the pot since late October of 2021. As social media seems to be pulling a wave of attention either in support, relief, or in grief of his mighty-big decision, there have also been many theories of which people are currently in the state of predicting what his choice will be overall as well. Many sources also say that the retirement is not going to happen or it is simply “to be determined.”
The news leak regarding this topic was a part of Adam Schefter’s latest ESPN report, but quickly got out of hand which resulted in leaving many Patriots and Buccaneers fans as well as their rivals in question. Many people caught up in the NFL who have no set desire to root for either of those teams are also well aware of this decision that would appear to be scaring many as of the concurrent moment.
But, it does seem reasonable that retirement is an eligible option for Brady, since many conditions are present that may alter his performance in the long run. One of which being his age, Forty-Four years is the point in someone’s life where they wouldn’t do anything remotely close to what Tom has done. That’s not the only contributing factor, despite his seven victorious Super Bowl Champion titles, and his stats. 22 years is a long time to be playing a sport, especially if you’re continuing it after college. But with a number of victories that he has accumulated, he’s earned his right to settle down and call it quits whenever he felt the time to do so was necessary.

But his final decision had been spread to the community by Tom as of February 1st of 2022, when Brady uploaded a post on his Instagram page stating his confirmation involving the end of his competitive career. He made a very heartfelt statement in the post to his loved ones, fans and teams; all of which he was immensely grateful for upon the fact that they all taught him some valuable things over the decades. “I have loved my NFL career, and now it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention.” –@tombrady,

When he mentioned in the post that he was switching his gears and his attention to things that mattered more than football, many people assumed it was family that he wanted to focus on, since a thanks to his wife and kids for his motivation was also mentioned in his retirement post.
Tom since then has made such an impact in just 2 years for the Buccaneers also that Florida’s State Governor for Tampa Bay, Ron DeSantis even had things to say at the time in appreciation for Brady. Him as well as the majority of the state of Florida are sad to see him go, as he was truly a legend in football history. “He is the Greatest Of All Time that has ever put on a pair of football spikes. I don’t think it’s even close, and you look at who’s the best team sport athlete of all time, and as a kid growing up who never thought anyone could surpass Michael Jordan; if anyone has done it, Tom Brady has done it.” –@flgovrondesantis,