The Next Generation

The next generation was a great opportunity for high school students to write their own short stories. At Mountain View there were 3 winners. There was a prize for the students that won.

The winners of Mountain View High School are Angel Aragon, Juan Boscan, and Remi Arkell.
The “next generation” contest is “The Next Generation: 2021 Middle School Edition & The Next Generation: 2021 High School Edition. The contests are split into Middle School and High School so that students can compete against their peers, and each contest is judged at the State level – meaning that there will be a Middle School and High School edition PER STATE, as well as a National Edition which includes the best of the best from across the nation.“

“The Prize – To give young writers the chance to add a publishing credit to their writing resume, those chosen as winners will be offered the opportunity to partner with Behind the Vision on a collection featuring the winning poems and short stories” There was a total of 12 high school winners in Utah, and 3 of those winners are from Mountain View High School.

How the Mountain View winners feel,
Juan Boscan’s inspiration for his short story was a personal experience, and writing helps him when he can’t talk to someone so he writes it. It took him about 1-2 months to write his short story. He says if he can change one thing about his story it would be the ending. He says it is a good, happy, existing feeling to have his story be published.
Angel Aragon’s inspiration for his short story was that he just wrote what was on his mind. It only took him a couple minutes to write his story. One thing he would change about his story is to use better words. He says it feels pretty cool to have his story be published.
Remi Arkell’s inspiration for her short story is going to Guatemala over summers and all the pretty beaches. She says it only took her about 10min to write her short story. If she could change one thing about her story it would be to make it less cringey. She says it feels really cool yet surprising, because she didn’t think she would have won.