Seniors apply to college during Utah Application Week

College is a common word when teenagers and young adults describe their future. Some many want to go to one and get a degree to make more money or just learn more. Which is great, but how many of them made early plans to get into college? Did they plan which one they wanted to go to? What would they do if they didn’t get accepted? What degree are they aiming for? Luckily enough, MVHS has the resources to figure out all of those questions and more.

At MVHS, from Oct 3-7 was the yearly Utah College Application Week for Seniors. These days, Seniors would go to the Library during their English class and be allowed to apply not just for their dream college but several colleges. According to the college advisor, the one to plan the college application week, Kenise Wood, she says, “By applying now it makes things easier- to send your transcripts from the high school to the college, we can give you instructions, and to get scholarships.”

Speaking of scholarships, did you know that there are scholarships for left-handed people? It’s true! Kenise said, “There are so many scholarships out there for many different things, it’s just hard to find them but we can help with that as well.” To make things even easier you can get into current enrollment classes to get college credit to lessen the work in the future. Students who are going to do some kind of service after graduation like going on a mission, going to the military, or such should still apply because something could happen and by applying now they have something to fall back on.

Even though College applications week is for Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores can still prepare as well. Preparing now makes your future a whole lot easier. When applying to a college you get a higher chance of getting more choices, and you can decide not to go even if they accept you. It’s just better to give yourself the option. So, apply now instead of waiting for things to become harder.