Orem Prop 2 denied

For those who don’t know what Proposition 2 was, it was a decision about whether or not the city of Orem should form its own school district and separate from the Alpine School District. Prop 2 was denied in Orem, votes 71.59% to 28.41%. Shortly after prop 2 there were lots of disagreements about the final decision. The Orem city instagram posted about prop 2 saying the following: There was a meeting with Alpine School District.”Many issues were raised during the election that we feel are important for the City of Orem, and we believe it would be good to come together and have a conversation based on what we’ve learned. We have reached out to Alpine and are working on scheduling a meeting with the school district to determine the best course of action moving forward.”
One student said “I’m glad that prop 2 didn’t pass because to be honest I think I would move out of Orem. One worry I would have is the fact that my little brother is a lot younger than me and I wouldn’t want so much change so fast for him. The school system would suffer and so would our education. It’s just a bad idea and Orem wouldn’t be okay for another few years after it passed if it did.” It’s a special occasion to see so many people get active about local government. It is the civic duty of every American citizen to research local issues and get active in making their community better as a whole through democracy and unity. This midterm voting and election had some of the highest voter turnouts from the last five years. Which proves that when the topic of change matters to people they will come forward and use the American government as intended to tailor the world we live in to fit the needs of the general public.
As you can see this topic was heavily debated and very controversial because the decision for or against the split will greatly impact the lives of the children of the area. That is a possible reason that there was such a large turnout to the voting boxes, and protests in the street supporting and opposing this proposition. That is also why there were hundreds of signs propped up all over Orem and the surrounding cities for, and against prop 2. These signs, prompting people to do research on this proposition is a large reason why it got so many people talking. There are just shy of 340,000 active voters that participated in this midterm election, of which 60% came out to vote. Those numbers are incredible considering that last year only 30% of registered voters turnedout. It is important to teach ourselves (the future voters of America) that public activism is important and should be a priority of every US resident. When people complain about things they don’t like about this country they never mention the most common and easiest way to fight for the desired change which is to vote for the things you think are right.