Mountain View hosts 2023 Multicultural Dance


Mountain View High School is a diverse school. Every year MVHS has a week where they celebrate all types of students’ cultures; it’s called Multicultural Week. There are lunchtime activities filled with traditional games or dances. There’s a big assembly where people show off songs, dances and stories. The hallways are decorated very beautifully, and at the end of the week students can dance the night away at the Noche De Baile hosted by Latinos in Action
Multicultural Week is very important to students. It shows appreciation and pride to those who celebrate. Nancy Garica Senior said, “Multicultural week is so important to me because it’s a chance to get to know and be aware of other cultures and let them represent their people. This is a week where I can represent my people and share a part of my culture to others.”

Julie Tamez a Jr expressed, “It’s special because it’s a change for us who can share their culture. It’s a very diverse school, with many different cultures that come from all over, so this week is more like a recognition to those who don’t know much about them.”

Lily Scoville, a Senior, shared, “I think it’s important because we usually do lots of American things, so I think it’s nice to branch out and learn what’s special about other cultures too!” As you can see, students really do care that we celebrate our uniqueness and it also shows that Multicultural week does the job of showing others where they come from.
School dances are always fun here, I have noticed that they only play a couple of Spanish songs in big dances. Noche De Baile really brought a lot of students together. If there’s something that all MVHS students have in common, it’s that Bruins love to party. Noche De Baile was a dance where they played fun Spanish music that students could dance to. I noticed that everyone there was enjoying their time. There should definitely be more dances that play more Latin music. Which brings me to my next question that I asked students: “Do you think that MVHS should have more dances in Spanish, and what was your favorite part of Noche De Baile?”

Garcia said “I do think that Mountain View should have more dances that are in Spanish. There’s music that plays that lots of people can dance to and to me it feels very welcoming and it includes all people. Anyone and everyone can dance, instead of just mosh pits. My favorite part about the dance was how everyone was dancing and it was a very fun and entertaining crowd. I loved how even people who didn’t really know how to dance to certain songs still tried their best and looked great! I loved having music that I usually only hear at quinceaneras at a school dance.”

Valerya Marquez also mentioned, “I think that Mountain View should have more dances in Spanish because Noche de Baile was a success and I danced the whole night. My favorite part was letting go and feeling comfortable. In my culture, I danced the whole night and didn’t care what others thought and enjoyed amongst my peers”

Another student, Kelly, thought, “I think we should have more dances at MVHS, the students love it and can join!” Noche De Baile had high energy and was such a fun environment to be in. In the future there should definitely be more dances like this one.

Another point that I wanted to make is, it’s so important to celebrate other cultures more than just that one week. Multicultural Week is such a great way to represent, but we don’t have to just have only one week to celebrate. Bringing awareness to other cultures in this school should be something that we should focus on more! MVHS has a place for everyone here and that’s something you don’t see in most schools.