Entrepreneur Expo

Entrepreneurship. When you hear this word you immediately think ´Business´ or “what is Entrepreneurship?” Well, it is the activity of setting up some kind of business that you and maybe someone else have come up with. For example, have you ever seen the TV show “Sharks”? It’s a business show about people from all around the world going to our successful business owners and pitching their idea to see what kind of investment they could get. We all see in stores every kind of brand and new brand even from Nike to Adidas to Scrub Daddy and makeup products. We see it all in stores but before they go into stores there has to be some kind of proof it’ll make good profit and do something good to earn money.
Here at Mountain View High School, we had an entrepreneurship presentation in the commons for any student to come observe. Luckily I had the chance to observe and interview some of the students and ask them about their ideas and the profit they think they could make. We first had a girl with a stand for truffles. She came up with the idea to do this because she knows sweets are everyone’s best friend and that it is something she is familiar with making. Because an important fact when creating a business is that it won’t always be 100% something you love and can stick to but most times you do it because you want to own and commit to something that makes you happy. I asked her, ‘’Why truffles? Why out of all sweets choose that and not cupcakes?” She said cupcakes were a common thing and having too much of one thing can make less of a profit unless it is a 5-star cupcake.
Another interview was with two boys who had the idea to do a shirt with the word shirt on it. Which was at first odd, but as they explained why they chose this, it made a little more sense. They said that they wanted something they thought people would laugh at and take as a sarcastic thing. They think that no matter what it is important for everyone to laugh and to have something to laugh at even if it’s the smallest or dumbest thing. It’s also something they think will be a conversation starter.
One last interview with one of the students was about their idea of coming up with a device that can predict something for the economy. Interesting. It is a more advanced topic because when they explained that they want people to be able to stick the device in the ground it can tell you where the land will be in 5 years or how dry the land will be or something similar to what it’s going to be like. This device would make a good profit because yes it would be a little more pricey, but it would earn more profits because not only would people/civilians want to get ahold of it, but governments would want to invest in it because this is their home and they want to know what they are expecting.
In conclusion, Entrepreneurship is something very important in this world. It allows many of us to create a business that will help others around the world, but also lets us collect a profit helping you and others to pay bills. See even now students at the age of 15 have ideas that can actually be good and go far into the future. Even a small business can do a lot. At Mountain View we strive to help our students not only look in the moment but towards the future.