Parking Passes


Natalie Smith

The outside of Mountain View High School displaying two of its greatest qualities.

If you don’t know, parking passes are one dollar and are paid for at the financial office at the beginning of the year. Any student who wants to use the school’s parking has to have one or they risk paying a fine.

I’ve gone around and asked students and administration what they think about parking passes. 

Liam White, a student of Mountain View High School believes that we should be paying for parking. Liam says, “It’s not that expensive which is good which is one of the biggest reasons why no one really cares to pay.”

I asked another student, what would you think about parking passes if they were 20 dollars? Kerzin Johnston said, “I don’t think anyone would pay for them because of the price.” It seems that the low price is why students are willing to pay to park at their high school.

There seems to be a common theme with most people when I talk about parking passes; they seem to think that the price is just right. If it were any more expensive, students would dislike it, if it were any cheaper, it would be pointless in a sense. The school has gone to the minimum price that students can pay with bills.

What does the school’s income go towards? Any school could ask for more money, but what does Mountain View High School spend it’s limited money on? Well basically, any activity costs money. Any assembly, school party, equipment, computers etc.