COVID Around the U.S.

This global pandemic has been going on for some time now. It has affected us, family members, friends, and all others that we know. We have had several classmates around us getting quarantined in their houses to keep others safe. It has affected our daily lives. 

Outside of our daily lives, the whole world has been changing due to the coronavirus. According to The New York Times, “The death toll in the United States from the disease neared 200,000.” And the numbers of the deaths in the United States are increasing every day. The New York Times (In China, Where the Pandemic Began, Life Is Starting to Look… Normal), “Life in many parts of China has in recent weeks become strikingly normal. Cities have relaxed social-distancing rules and mask mandates, and crowds are again filling tourist sites, movie theaters and gyms.” This could indicate that America might go back to normal in a couple months, but in the same article, it also says that,“The United States and much of the world are still struggling to contain the coronavirus pandemic.” The key word in this article is “struggling”. Why are we still struggling? We still struggle now because schools started up again, people are not wearing masks, etcetera. 

I personally have known coworkers and friends who got covid. My coworker is doing lung therapy right now because his lungs got damaged from getting covid. I had my friend’s brother that got it and ended up dying from it. I bet you have had a loved one or friend that got covid that might have died or ended up hurt from it.

It looks like we aren’t the only ones struggling with this global pandemic; Mexico’s coronavirus case numbers, much like the United States’, are still increasing. The New York Times reports , “There have been at least 697,600 cases of the coronavirus in Mexico, according to the National Agency of Science and Technology. As of Monday morning, 73,493 people had died.” 

To summarize, the U.S. and Mexico are struggling and cases are still rapidly increasing, but since China went back to normal, that implies that the United States time will go back to normal. And having the U.S. goes back to normal and gets better so will you friends, family etc.. We will soon be able to hangout without masks, work without masks, although I don’t think that will happen for sometime.