Here at Mountain View we have a large assortment of clubs that allow you to be part of something more. We value unity and friendship and there is no better way to express these values than joining a club. If you would like to join a club it is as easy as going to the front office and politely asking where you can sign up, if you are unsure what club you would like to join, here is a list of several clubs along with a short description of each: 

  • Avatar Club
  • Barbie Movie Club
  • Chess Club: chess club is where you can play chess¬†
  • Country Club
  • Dragonvale Club: if you love the classic game Dragonvale, join Dragonvale club
  • Educators Club
  • Eco Club: Eco club is all about keeping our ecosystem healthy
  • Esports Club: Think you are goated on the sticks? Join Esports club and find out
  • Gay straight Alliance Club
  • Math club: Math club is where you can freely work on math and do fun/challenging math problems
  • Mock trial
  • Model United Nations
  • Multicultural Club
  • Pink Jacket Club
  • Poetry Club: do you like poems? JOIN POETRY CLUB
  • Photo Club: photo club is perfect if you like photography
  • Screenprinting Club
  • Spikeball Club: Spikeball club is where people come to have a great time and play spikeball
  • Star Wars Club: Sequels or prequels, discuss in Star Wars Club
  • Students Against Slavery (O.U.R.)


We hope you can find a community where you can express yourself fully while attending Mountain View!