Bryson Beckstead

Take welding if you want to make some cool stuff!

This year has been lots of fun! Lots of fun classes. My favorite class of the year is Welding taught by Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams makes the class really fun and he is a really nice teacher and helped me learn what I needed to learn to get a job later on. I am planning to go into welding for a job and he has helped me get to that point. If I don’t go into welding I will still have a great hobby/side job.

Welding is when you melt two metals together through the heat caused by the flow of electricity. There are different types of welding SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, and TMAW. There are also a bunch of ways to cut metal: Oxy Acetylene and Plasma. In this class you also have an employment unit where you learn how to get jobs. You learn how to make a resume and cover letter.

My favorite thing to do in this class is TIG (TMAW). This whole year I have been focused on improving my TIG. With tig I have done several pipe welds, T joint welds, lap welds, butt welds, and I even welded aluminum. This year I have set a goal to weld soda cans together and I am still going to make that happen.