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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Lant

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Lant

Mountain View High School’s English teacher, Becky Lant, has been teaching for 12 years. All of her years of teaching have been at MVHS. Lant’s favorite thing about teaching is the students. Lant wanted to become a teacher to work with teenagers, help them learn, and make a difference.

“I loved English and thought it would be fun to teach,” Lant said.

Students have been influenced by Lant; they say her class is always fun and interesting which makes students look forward to class. She did not always want to be a teacher.

“Teaching was like a second career for me,” said Lant.

When she came out of college, she worked in business but after a long time was dissatisfied and decided to switch to teaching.

She goes to great lengths to make sure all of her students pass her class. She is more than a teacher to her students. She is always checking on them making sure they are okay. Students love Lant and think she is the best teacher at Mountain View.

Lant is a role model for most of her students. The students say after they have taken her English class they liked it. She is helpful and cares for her students. When she teaches, she tries to make a difference in every student’s life. Students like Lant because her teaching style is unique and interesting. She tries to make sure her students don’t go without food, and are taken care of.

One student said “she doesn’t just make sure I do my work, she sees if i’m okay.

“Lant is a caring and awesome teacher,” they added.

Mountain View is super lucky to have awesome teachers like Ms. Lant working at this school.

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