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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Green

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Green

Star Wars, running, dad jokes, and most importantly: math. These are just some of teacher Shawn Green’s interests. He’s been a teacher for five years, all of those being spent at Mountain View.

When asked about his favorite part of teaching, Green said, “My favorite part is when we’re covering something really difficult, and the light bulbs go off for students. You can see that it clicks for them, and it’s so exciting to be like, ‘Ahhh! We did it!’”

Beloved by sophomores, juniors, and seniors, Green tries to make his classes fun and unique.

“I don’t like to be boring,” Green said. “I do understand that sometimes math has a reputation for being boring… I don’t like that perspective of it.

“I think it’s more fun to be like ‘ok we covered something in math, now let’s practice and we’ll talk to each other and it’s okay if we have some fun here too, maybe get a little distracted here and there. That’s okay as long as we learn what we need to.’”

Another fun aspect of this teacher and his classes are the jokes that he tells. When asked if he could teach a lesson on anything besides math he said, “To be honest, math is my thing. That’s kind of hard for me to even think of anything else that I would wanna teach.

“Dad jokes! That would be fun…one thing that I feel like with my jokes is I’m very spontaneous. I don’t like to come up with them ahead of time, I like them to just happen when they happen. I’m not sure if I can give a presentation on it. Maybe I could. Like ‘connecting with your inner dad to tell jokes.’”

So, if you’re looking for a fun math class to take or a teacher that will laugh at your corny dad jokes, stop by Green’s room and say hello!

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