Amber Rasmussen

Picture of MVTV staff. (Left to Right) Lisbeth, Kyla, Raphael, Trinity, Colton, Seth, Roberto, Ryan, Nautica, Sergio, Jonathan, Stephan, Mr. Hall.

Mountain View Television (MVTV) is the broadcasting class taught by Josh Hall only on B-days, as Mr. Hall works on his own company and production group other days. Mr. Hall has only worked at this school for two years, succeeding Parker Gurney, who left after the school year 2018-2019.

Earlier in May, there was a collaboration between Journalism and Broadcast which brought forward the commercial for the Bruin Post’s website. Student Rafael Da Costa worked the camera and edited the video, while Jackson Harding held the boom pole for the audio. The preparation for the video took about two weeks at most to make, a little longer to make the script that was used.

The class has worked on other projects throughout the year though. They have done a documentary about the effectiveness of the masks, exploring Mountain View, sport highlights, and episodic videos like the Paranormal. These are more or less filmed by students.

The Paranormal are episodes about real life stories that may or may not have been made into a film. Student Kyla Dejong produced and Seth Gibbs edited these episodes.