How to Focus in Class

Focusing in class is a hard deal for some/most students, including myself. Here are tips and tricks to help. Some of these won’t work for everybody but, try them out. Snacks are amazing, eating and doing work make things so much easier and paying attention to the lesson. I’m telling you snacks are the way to go, just sit down, eat and listen to the teacher, actually listen. Music is also a good way to focus on assignments, not when the teacher is talking. Chewing gum for some reason helps, don’t ask why I honestly don’t know, but it helps. Talk to people, it makes you think, which keeps you awake. Drinks with straws. It has to have a straw. I don’t know why but, a drink with a straw makes me personally want to actually work on something. It put me in that mood of let’s get this stuff down.

So anyways if these tricks helped you, you’re welcome and, if it didn’t, welp I tried. There is one trick that is don’t sleep in class. I know it’s hard, and I myself have slept in class.