FCCLA Club Spotlight


Dominique Lozano

Find out about the FCCLA club and what they’re all about!

There are many clubs offered at Mountain View Highschool, and FCCLA is one of them. FCCLA stands for family career and community leaders of America. They work on creating leadership skills and personal growth within the people. What do the students who are involved at Mountain View have to say about their club, FCCLA?

The FCCLA club does lots of service projects, and they are also in charge of planning and hosting the sweethearts dance during February here at Mountain View. The service projects they do depend on the year and the president. This year they plan to serve the firefighters in November, and as a national program they are serving amputees. They are very involved in the community. When asked what her favorite thing about FCCLA was, Jenna Meyers said, “Star event conferences are quite a blast.” Star events are competitions based on the classes that FCCLA covers.

FCCLA is also a great place to meet and connect with new people and make friendships. The advisor for the club Dia Baldaree says that FCCLA is “a club that brings kids together” and “I made some of my best friends in that club”. She is very behind the scenes and so the club is more student led and gives the students leadership opportunities. Jenna Meyers says “the leadership skills that you get and the service opportunities that you have, it’s amazing.” and Kristen Evans says it’s “a leadership opportunity for me”. When asked why FCCLA was important to her, Kristen Evans said FCCLA has “given me so many opportunities to learn things that I would not even think about and also to lead and to meet new people and to have so many more opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if I wasn’t a member.”

If you are interested in developing leadership skills, being more invested in the community, meeting new people, or just to jump in and try something new and different, you should check out FCCLA and talk to Mrs. Baldaree, the food teacher and the club advisor. The club meets in the foods room.