Photo club spotlight


Sarosha Saengkeo

They’re still learning how to get used to things because a lot of people are still new to the club. This is Mrs. Casagranda showing them the ratios of water and developer, then showing how to use the fixer.

Photo club is a new club that just started in room 163 in Mrs. Casagranda’s class where she’s the advisor helping you with stuff. What they start off doing is get their cameras ready before they start shooting. It’s not any kind of camera where you quickly take a picture and get the results just like that. The type of Camera they use is a film camera. Usually during most meetings, they shoot exposers using rolls of film and during their next meeting they do dark room projects where they process the film. New members of this club are always welcome and if you’re wanting to join, they meet every other week around 2:30 after school.

Even if you’re new at using a camera, this club is a good way of learning how to use one. This photo shows a new member who joined a day late, but in this club, you’re able to go at your own pace so you don’t ever need to worry about being behind. (Sarosha Saengkeo)