How to Catch the Leprechaun


Owen Mullen

How to catch the Leprechaun? In this artvle will be the information and idea you need to catch the little green man.

Everyone spends hours making a trap for the Leprechaun that is coming on March 17th, for them just to end up with a mere cupcake in a trap and maybe some small little green footprints left behind. So here is all the information one will need to catch this little green fellow.

First off, What do we know about the Leprechaun? Well according to “Leprechauns Once Wore Red, Not Green (And Other Fun Facts)”, “Leprechauns average about three feet in height according to Irish folklore”, it also said” Leprechauns store their money in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If ever captured by a human, the leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for his release”.

So now we know we can’t just use a pencil box to cage him, he may only be three feet, but that is 2 and 10/12 feet too tall. So if we find his pot of gold, he has to grant us three wishes, but the people aren’t in it for the riches but the glory! Some of us are, but we can still use the gold to lure the green man into capture him. The only problem is that we have to wait for a rainbow which we can’t just make or can we?

Rainbows are formed when water droplets are hit by the light of the sun, which then makes the light scatter by the droplets. We can make it rain by adding small particles of silver iodide, similar to ice, to clouds. Water droplets cluster around the particles, modifying the structure of the clouds, and increasing the chance of precipitation. So if we get a drone that can reach the clouds we can add the Iodide. Now we have our rainbow, but what if we can’t reach the pot of gold? Well, we will have to catch the Leprechaun.

Since he is around 3 feet tall, we need to make a trap which we can either buy one or make one. If making one to make a trap, they need to be sure that wherever they are that they can see him, otherwise he can use his magic to disappear. What we can do is make the trap out of polycarbonate, which is plastic that is transparent and strong, and could drill air pockets, so our little fellow doesn’t suffocate. It can be a square box 4x4x4 ft, now to have a way for the trap to be set off, in order to do this, we need some to keep the box open so we could use things for the trap to open and close the box.

To trigger the trap to shut close, we could design it like a mouse trap, after applying pressure to a plate, the trap is set off and closes the box. All we need now is a way where the trap, when triggered, prevents the Leprechaun from opening it from the inside, so seeing how hard it makes it automatically locks itself, let’s make it so it weighs too much to be left open. For example, if a male were to be 3 ft tall, the average weight would be about 31 lb, so let’s make it so the door weighs double that. To do so, a 4×4 panel of polycarbonate that has an inch of thickness is about 6 lb’s, so just attach 30 lb dumbbells to it with glue, tape, or a rope of some kind on the panel, making it too heavy for the Leprechaun to push open.

Now to lure him in, fill a pot with tons of chocolate gold coins to persuade our little green friend to come inside. Now make sure to have something to alert the individual that it was set off, or else he could have enough time to escape. Now this is good and all, and the Leprechaun will TOTALLY not see that this contraption is a trap, however just to be safe, decorate it somehow like, for example make it seem like a coffee table with two random dumbbells on it with a pot of gold in it he won’t see it as a trap then.

Now we have one final problem to tackle, and that’s money. If you have a job that pays well, that’s great but let’s see the average cost for all the supplies. The polycarbonate panel could be roughly $100 or more but let’s just say that amount, and we need 6 of them, so $600 so far, and things could just be up to $3, and we need just 2 so $6. The dumbbells are about $50 together, and a mousetrap would be $5, but this is going to be for a 3 ft green mouse, so since it’s gonna be 100x its size, let’s say $500 to be generous with ourselves. So, all together we would roughly spend $1105, and that’s if we don’t include decorations, tools, tax, and the thing that alerts the trapper if the trap was set off. IF this trap works and you catch the Leprechaun, you will be granted 3 wishes so simply ask for more money to heal the poor wallet from its great loss of paper. Now, what do we do with the other two wishes? Do we let the Leprechaun go? Well, that is up to the one who captures him, but one thing they could do is make a wish that the Leprechaun must fall for this trap every year, giving the individual infinite wishes!