Club Spotlight: French Club

First off, what is the French Club about? This club is a group of those who would like to meetup and learn about French culture, and if truly desired, may learn a lesson about it. This club does its best to promote a French-feeling environment, and in doing so, they also provide snacks to commemorate that.

The snacks include macarons, exotic French cheeses, and many other edible varieties. Depending on the date per meeting, there may be a select food item set for that day. Many of these snacks can also connect to specific activities that call for such food items.

And as far as the activities go, in December, they hosted a white elephant Christmas party. Right before Winter Break, it took place and all who attended were still provided with and given gifts when they weren’t able to bring one of their own. This club really does care about who is involved and they seek to make sure that the time they spend there altogether is enjoyable.

For each meeting they have on select days during lunch, they all will come together to plan fun events pertaining to French Culture. Activities and Foods as well as activities and foods of those not pertaining to French are included also, but mainly are present to support the overall experience. This is a really inclusive club and they will accept any who wish to participate. Any questions about French club should be ran by the French Teacher, Mrs. Keiper and will be more than happy to assist with those.