Front Desk and Attendance Secretaries

There’s a lot of background with those who offer up their time to work here at Mountain View. Especially those who are most commonly visited, which would be the Main Office and Attendance Office Secretaries. They quietly work hard each day to fulfill requests from parents and students regarding pickup and dropoff, tardy check-ins and other information.

Beginning with the Main Office; fulfilling the position there is Yvonne Gonzalez (on the left). She likes to do productive things at home and use her creative aspect to do things like scrapbooking, crafting and making photo albums. The thing she enjoys the most about Mountain View is the people and says that at least the majority of them are very friendly. For her, most of the time, parents of most students are easy to talk to and negotiate with.
The thing she looks forward to on just a regular work day is to accomplish all that she needs done by the end of the day. She enjoys most of the students. She gets to interact with those who are late more than others, as well as working with the TA’s and it’s very fun to make that friendship. The thing that primarily motivates her to wake up so early in the morning would be the job itself. She thinks that naturally, if it’s your job, you’d better show up on time. She wanted an early-morning job and she found the one that fit that need.

Next for the Attendance Office, the one fulfilling that position is Muriel Lawyer. She loves being outdoors, reading, being with her family a ton, going to the beach and the ocean and enjoying those experiences as a whole. The thing she loves most about Mountain View is talking to the students who tend to be late every once in a while and getting to know them a bit better. The things she looks forward to in her work days are getting the chance to interact with all the different people at Mountain View and getting to supplement her social aspect.
She really enjoys the students here and it’s nice to see people from time to time; only not because they’re late, but because she knows that attendance drastically affects their grades.
The things that motivate her to come into school every day so early in the morning would be looking forward to a new day and a nice, fresh and new start to the day, and getting to see new and old faces, as well as the whole experience she has working in the Attendance Office.

These secretaries work really hard to make sure that even the latest of students get a chance to pass their classes and better yet to help them secure a successful future. Getting to know them is a gift since they are really nice and easy to talk to. They are willing to guide you to places that they know will help you out.