Decorating my house for Halloween 17 days before

Complete Halloween Decorations at night with black lights turned on.

On October 14th, 2022 my family put up halloween decorations, it was on this day that the celebration of Halloween began. To start the day off, me and my brothers went to Walmart. First, we went to the spooky section to get some decorations. The aisles in this section were very scary, we saw many spiders. One of my brothers really wanted a furry rat but all the furry rats were gone. Many cool decorations were purchased. My top five decorations we purchased were: spider egg sack, plastic body parts, green webs, a plastic bloody door cover and a webby skeleton. In the aisle containing plastic body parts, I saw many red electronic buttons saying “try me.” I pushed all the buttons and a burst of noises was released. Consequently, wires started to shake violently. We left the spooky section and went into the lightbulb aisle to find another black light bulb. From the previous year we had already gotten two black light bulbs, we needed one more to fill all the bulbs in the front of our house. When we found a black light bulb we were amazed at the lumen count of zero. Finally after gathering the supplies for decorating, we entered the chip aisle. We grabbed two bags of Chili Lime SunChips and one bag of Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle chips.

LED Black Light Medium Base, Non-Dimmable, Glass, Lasts 9 Years from Walmart. (Nyle Larsen)

After leaving Walmart and returning home, my brothers and I stood by the kitchen counter and cracked open the dill pickle chips. My brother began to hiccup after putting one in his mouth, the chips were much hotter than we were expecting. Overall I give these chips an 8/10 rating. Following these chips, we tried the Chili Lime SunChips. These chips tasted pretty good and had much less of a kick. Feeling satisfied after eating chips, we headed out to the front yard to set up decorations. We attached webbing all over the front porch and onto our plants. Our first attempt at putting webbing on the bushes did not go so well, we had not read the instructions. After reading the instructions, the webbing went on much easier and more appealing. Because some of the webbing glows in the dark, that same webbing is highlighted more by the UV black light bulbs. It was decided by one of my brothers to hang the webby skeleton up towards the ceiling of our porch. Doing this brought the appearance of a skeleton staring down at you as you’d walk up the pathway. That same brother also decided that the spider egg sack would hang under the tree. Overall, I would say that this year’s decorations were better than last years. This has concluded the decorating session for halloween. At night the black lights transform our decorations into something else from what they were before. This new bulb we got is much brighter than the others, driving down from the street the bulbs are slightly blinding. According to an interview with Austin Phurisat, when he used to go trick or treating his opinion on the houses with scary decorations was, “yeah a lot of them were sick.” After putting up scary decorations I’d say this was a successful celebration of Halloween 17 days before Halloween.