Leave Your Print: What does leaving your print mean to you?

This school year’s motto is Leave Your Print; many can interpret that differently. After anonymously asking students and administration, “What does leaving your print mean to you?” They each gave us a better understanding of what this could mean by great and unique responses.
“Making a lasting impact in a positive way.” Simple but powerful phrasing. “When I hear it on the announcements in the morning, it makes me want the students to leave their print in a positive way, by setting a good example… because this is a school.” An administrative view of the students. “The biggest thing for me is that I want the students to have a safe place in the counseling office, by doing that I feel I am leaving my print.” Providing a safe environment for others.
“Making an impact for future students, like changing the dress code.” It can be viewed as a point for the future, “Making a difference and being proud of something you’ve done” or the past, “Showing who you are, representing you.” Being yourself is the biggest key to success. “Setting an example for people, having a positive impact.” Creating a good step for others.
“Standing out from everyone else, being yourself.” Being unique can be a huge part of your impact. “Doing something you are proud of and being able to look back and be proud.” Feeling accomplished from what you have done. ”Doing something that people will remember.” Having someone else remember you. “Making an impact.” Changing your environment in a positive way.
“Being an example, being kind to people.” Being kind will always get you far. “Leaving a piece of advice.” Leaving a piece of your knowledge for the ones you inspire. “Leaving your mark,”
We can all be thinking of ways to improve our days and to leave our prints. Here are some things you can ask yourself to help motivate you. How have I left my mark? How can I leave my mark?