Why the Dodgers Won the World Series

In late October, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the championship ring of the 2020 World Series. The series went on 6 games and ended in a 4-2 series for the Dodgers. There are many factors that contribute to the Dodgers winning the World Series. In this article we will be looking at and breaking down a few of those factors.

The Dodgers Had Fun
It is obvious to anyone that watched the world series that the Dodgers were just having a great time. This group of guys looked like they were still in little league just playing because it was fun for them. The smiles on their faces was awesome to see and really makes a great image for baseball. This is how the game is supposed to be played, afterall it is a game. The Rays were also having a good time, but it didn’t show as much as it did for the Dodgers, and I think this played a big part in the result of the world series

The Dodgers have a great pitching staff. It was predicted that they would dominate in the World Series, and they did. Clayton Kershaw, having an ugly past of struggling in the postseason, finally was able to shine and get his revenge. Kershaw pitched in game 1 and 5 of the World Series. In those 2 games the Rays scored only 5 runs. While Kershaw was outstanding, the other pitchers need credit too. Walker Beuhler pitched very well and had 10 strikeouts in a game. These pitchers really shined and played a huge role for the Dodgers.

Kevin Cash’s Fatal Mistake
The Rays manager, Kevin Cash, made a very poor decision in game 6 of the World Series. The starting pitcher for the Rays, Blake Snell, was totally dominant allowing only 2 hits through 73 pitches. The Rayshad a lead of 1-0. Kevin Cash made the decision to pull Blake Snell from the game in the 6th inning due to his philosophies of pulling the starter early. The same inning, the Dodger put up 2 runs and then 1 more before the end of the game finishing with a score of 1-3. Many believe that Kevin Cash’s decision in game 6 lost them the world series.

The Overall Series
In total, there were a lot of factors that played a part in the World Series. The series could have gone either way, the Dodgers just ended up on top. Lots of things could have happened to change the outcome. These were just some of the big reasons that many people believe really impacted the series.