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A farewell to our Golf seniors


Early August marked the start of the Mountain View boys golf season. “The boys golf team were primed for a great season, as they have made many improvements over the past year” Flash forward to the present, with the seniors having participated in their final season with the school. As our seniors bid farewell to high school golf, they take a look back on their journey with the sport, and memories made along the way.

Stepping away from his final year of high school golf, was one of our seniors Aidan Bradley. When it comes to an immense amount of improvement, no one’s resume rivals that of Bradley’s.

“I’ve gotten my scores dropped about 40 strokes from where I started,” Bradley said. “Pretty far.”

These results didn’t just come overnight for Bradley. Being one of the most mentally exhausting sports, golf takes a lot of adjustments both mentally and physically. A 40 stroke improvement takes a certain level of hard work and dedication.

“I’ll remember the grind and mental mindset switch that I had and how that all helped me get so much better at the game,” he said. “It was great to go from not very great to playing consistently at the number one spots with all of the other schools. To be representing the top at Mountain View.”

As he looks back on the past seasons spent with Mountain View, the hard work, tournaments, and time spent with teammates is priceless to him. Not only an enjoyable experience, but also one that has shaped him outside of the sport.

“It has helped me to gain confidence and be able to gain back peace under stressful circumstances, and also so many more things,” Bradley said.

Golf has provided so many opportunities for personal growth. It also gave him an environment to develop strong friendships. For Bradley, fellow senior Aidan Floyd was just one of these friendships he’s made through golf.

“Aidan Floyd has been my day one in golf and I’ll never forget my boy.”

Cherishing the past couple years playing for the team, Bradley was asked if he had any closing remarks.

“It’s the best game ever created,” Bradley confidently proclaimed. “Anyone and everyone should try it out.”

As Bradleys’ high school golf career comes to an end, his impact can be seen and felt by his golf teammates. Sophomore Logan Pratt has been able to learn from Bradley.

“[Aidan Bradley] has helped me realize that you need a positive mindset if you want to achieve anything in life regardless if it’s sports or any hobby,” Pratt said “you can’t achieve anything unless you have a positive mindset.”

The love for the sport is easily seen in both golfers. As Bradley and the other seniors head out the door, a new year of opportunity faces Pratt and the remaining golfers.

“I am really preparing myself to have a big year next year,” Pratt said. “Making it to state is one of my goals that I feel I can achieve next year if I put in the work in the offseason.”

It will be exciting to see our freshman, sophomore, and junior golfers look to make another leap in their level of personal play. Their relationships built with each other and our departing seniors will certainly be one to last for a while. Thanks to our seniors and their daily dedication to the sport.

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