Which Cookies Should Be Left Out for Santa?


We all like Christmas cookies, and we know that Santa loves them, but do we really know what kind are his favorite?

Santa soon is going to make a long trip around the world to deliver gifts to all the households with good little boys and girls, but on his long trek he is definitely going to eat a few sweets along the way. He especially loves when there is a glass of milk and maybe even a letter to that jolly old St. Nick, to bring a smile to his face. While he would gladly eat any cookie he definitely has his favorites. I’m here to tell you Santa’s favorite cookie. Now you might think— whatever you don’t know his favorite, but I have first hand knowledge on this topic. That bearded man in red’s favorite Christmas cookie is most definitely the delicious and classic gingerbread cookie.

There is a lot of variety in the cookie department throughout the whole world, this is why picking his favorite didn’t come easily, but it boiled down to a picturesque gingerbread man. Though he will always take a ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie, a brightly colored sugar cookie, or peanut butter with the Kisses on top, if he has the choice he will always reach for a gingerbread man. Christmas cookies are unquestionably Santa’s favorite food, so he for sure knows how to pick the right ones out.

When making those gingerbreads he likes them soft, chewy, and full of spices. He also loves to see the children get creative with the shapes you can put them in, and then how they are beautifully decorated. One of his favorites has been a moose shaped cookie with a charming scarf using all the wonderful Christmas colors. He loves the basic gingerbread man with a smile and buttons, but he also loves when he can tell that a child put special care into one glorious cookie. Or you can give your cookie a classic Christmas look and trace the edges of your fun cookie shape with a few brightly colored sprinkles. Sometimes when he stops at a house there is a little gingerbread house that looks like a winter wonderland; and he never eats those because they are just too precious to take apart.

Dunking them in his milk is always a must for Santa, sometimes he likes to spice things up by dipping his cookies into eggnog. There is nothing better for a gingerbread cookie than a crisp cool glass of milk to drink while enjoying that cookie. With eggnog it balances out with that perfect Christmas cookie.

If you really want to be Santa’s favorite I would suggest that you should put out gingerbread cookies this year for Santa to eat, that will for sure put you on the good list. I hope you really take this into consideration when baking your cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus, and have a very Merry Christmas!