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The video production 2 class is making a short film


The Video Production 2 class, taught by Joshua Hall, is in the process of making a short film. The film is about these students who sneak into a school with an advanced, high-tech AI security system. The class is still finalizing the script and adjusting some final details but they have begun to film a few of the opening shots.

Struggles are evident in the film industry. When Mr. Hall was asked about the biggest struggle the class has faced, he answered that finding the locations for the film, as well as the creation and finalization of the script. “I would say [creating a script] with high school students but with everyone [as well is a struggle],” Hall said. “It’s the hardest part of the filmmaking process. Especially when you have a whole class and they all have ideas.”

A way that the Video Production 2 class dealt with this was placing the script onto a google document and allowing anyone to edit it when inspiration hit. “It was the first time we had done that as a class and it was fun to see it all come together,” Hall said. “We’re definitely behind schedule on that [scripting] because I thought we would have the script down by the end of the semester. I thought we would work on it outside of class over the break and that did not happen.

“That being said you can’t make a good film from a bad script so the script is the absolute fundamental piece of a film. I am happy that the students are taking ownership and that they are really trying to make it great. We are diving deeper as well. We’re getting into subtext, theme, messaging, even the morality of things that happen in the film as we try to become responsible filmmakers.”

It is clear that Mr. Hall loves filmmaking and loves teaching it to students, allowing them to find a new way to express themselves. When asked why he thinks students should take a film class his answer was quite particular. “Video has only been increasing in demand, popularity and need over the past two decades,” Mr. Hall said. “Everybody is going to be affected by that and so understanding good storytelling principles. Understanding how to create basic videos, even if you are saying to yourself, ‘Well I’m not going to go into the media field. I’m not going to be a camera operator or media director.’ Odds are you’re going to have to help to create a video at some point in your life because it’s the best way, the most efficient way to communicate right now and it’s what everyone wants.

“I think it’s essential for students, and everyone, not only to understand the process of making a great video but also how to ethically and responsibly create content that resonates with the audience in an intentional way […] There’s so much power in the media that I feel everybody should learn how that process goes,” Mr. Hall said.

Film and media are an important aspect of many people’s daily lives now that they’re in the 21st century. It’s something that makes most of the world go round. Something new and innovative that helps people to make their visions come to life.

“Everyone’s a storyteller, let’s be real,” Mr. Hall said. “You go to lunch with your friends and you talk about what happened last class or what happened over the weekend. That’s all storytelling, we’re recounting stories to each other. So, becoming a better storyteller is going to help you in every aspect in your life.

“When we look at a human being born, the first thing that they’re going to want is food so that they can survive. What’s the next thing that they want? When they get old enough, ‘Tell me a story mom. Tell me a story dad. Read me a book.’ These are essential yearnings of human beings and it’s something that is not going to go away. Storytelling is at the core of media production and that’s what we’re trying to teach.”

Telling a story is no easy feat. Mr. Hall and the class hope to premiere the film to the school once it’s finished. To share the story they’ve been able to craft but they don’t know when that will happen and Mr. Hall’s not looking to put a deadline on anything yet.

Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. The film appears to have high expectations from both teachers and students. Wish the Video Production 2 class luck on their endeavor of filming their new creation and perhaps think about joining the class one day.

“Whether you’re just trying to create a cool TikTok video or you’re trying to up the quality of the YouTube videos that you do,” Mr. Hall said. “No matter what it is, you’re going to be learning those skills in video classes at Mountain View.”

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