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MVHS boys tennis rolls into regional tourney

MVHS boys tennis team photo (2024)
Jaclyn Gardner
MVHS boys tennis team photo (2024)

The end of the 2023-24 school year holds a new challenge for the MVHS boys tennis team: the varsity regional tournament. This will be the first regional tournament in which the boys team will compete at the varsity level. The team has seen improvements across the board leading up to this point. The tournament will be held from April 29-May 1.

Mountain View has taken a major leap from last year to this year. Despite a roster full of players newly acquainted to the sport, the team has had more dominant wins than total losses. This team is determined to put on a show and stamp their ticket to state.

To get to this point, the players have to overcome many hurdles other than just their game to game opponent. For players that play doubles, they have to become familiar with their partner. Becoming familiar with your partner both on and off the court is a key factor in the success of the duo.

This was a fairly easy hurdle for junior Kevin Lewis to overcome.Lewis entered the season having never played the sport. Thanks to encouragement from the tennis team, he was convinced to finally give it a shot. His play on the court has been exceptional, and attributes a part of his success to his doubles partner.

“I love my tennis partner,” Lewis said. “He’s a steady force in the strong winds of the adversary. He’s a great player and we mesh well together.”

That partner he speaks so highly of just so happens to be his older brother Ryan.

“Means a lot to play with my brother,” says Kevin Lewis. “We have an interesting relationship on the court. We can get on each other but in a motivating type of way. Our chemistry makes us hard to beat.”

The Lewis brothers look forward to proving just how difficult it is to outplay a strong bond such as theirs. This year is the first and last time the brothers have hit the clay courts together, so they will certainly do all they can to end it on a high note.

Others, however, have to become accustomed to an entirely new partner. This was the case for junior Boston Blaisdell. He has built on his friendship with his partner to get to this point.

“This seasons been awesome!” Blaisdell said. “Every person on the team wants to show up to play both as individuals and as a team. Mountain View tennis is on the uprise. We are better than in the past and other schools are recognizing that as well. We’ve had kids who have hardly picked up a racket, and because of their work and drive are beating teams who have more seasoned players.”

Yet Blaisdell is not content with just getting here; he is dead set on making a run in the upcoming regional tourney. Not only does he look forward to making a statement as an individual player, but he sees a bright path for the team as a whole.

“I’m personally super excited as this is going to be the first Varsity region tournament we have had,” said Blaisdell. “I think we can beat any team if we go out and play hard and smart. I think the entire team is capable of doing well and will be able to not only compete, but win at a level Mountain View tennis hasn’t been able to in over 10 years.”

As the entire team is shooting for the stars, it will be exciting to see just how far they make it. One thing is for certain, the players won’t be failing due to a lack of confidence.

“I think we can compete and beat any team in our region,” Blaisdell said. “I think we can all go far in this tournament with our mindset, work ethic, and skills building up to this point. Any of us can go win the region, potentially all get to state.”

The past months have built up to this very tournament. The blood sweat and tears have shaped the players to be nothing short of prepared to win it all. As the tournament kicks off on April 29, the boys look forward to putting on a show in front of the home crowd.

“We love the support we’ve gotten so far this season,” said Blaisdell. “Of course we’d love it if people show up to watch these next few days. We want to win for you guys and the school as a whole.”

This regional tournament has the chance to mark a new era of Mountain View boys tennis. With an opportunity to make a statement, this team will not let that chance go to waste. No one is more ecstatic heading into the tournament than Boston Blaisdell.

In the words of Blaisdell himself, “Let’s go show this new region who runs this town!”

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