One Covid Strike and It’s All Out

While the virus is in overtime, our school sports are riding the bench, and so are their scholarships. Many students rely on athletic ability to afford college, and with all extracurricular activities being put on hold they may be losing their chance at their dreams. Whether it’s swim, basketball, volleyball, football, or even golf, they are canceled.

Basketball tryouts were postponed the day before they were supposed to happen, and it has definitely put the school in a foul mood. While the cancelation may only last two weeks or so, it puts seasons behind and limits practices.

Mountain View isn’t the only one on defense against the corona, each of the schools in Alpine School District have taken their turns shutting down school sports. Our rival school, Orem High, has also canceled their sports for the time being. Does this mean we will strike out on our annual rival game tournament? When the board of administration has yet to make the call.

This will make two years that the swim team hasn’t had a full season, after the Orem Rec Center closed due to renovations last year, they were ready to finally make their comeback this year, but tis not so, for right now.

While the official sports have been postponed, that does not stop our amazing Mountain View athletes from practicing their very hardest. No final decisions have been made, and the students of Mountain View are on the edge of their seats awaiting the final call.