How Do Seniors Want Graduation?



The ceremonial cap throwing after graduating.

After 12 years of hard work and schooling, all we want is to be able to celebrate our new success with our friends and family, but this might not even happen.

In light of the new survey from Alpine, sent out to parents and seniors about graduation, I was wondering what my other classmates might want their graduation to look like. A graduation is a commemorative event for all seniors everywhere, showing the completion of everyone’s hard work and diligence in school. After this crazy senior year, we are left wondering if we are going to have a real graduation. On the survey, you had three options that you ranked in order of preference. The options they had were “A graduation ceremony at BYU/UVU,” “A ceremony on the football field at your school,” or “A small individual ceremony, similar to last year,” all according to current COVID health guidelines.

Here are some opinions from my fellow graduating classmates. Christina Olsen said, “I think the ceremony on the football field sounds way fun! That way, we could still all celebrate together kind of, but not have a super long boring ceremony at a university. A bunch of my friends think that sounds fun too.” Next is, Kaelynn Wilson, she stated, “I would prefer to have a ceremony at BYU/UVU. I think Coronavirus has taken away too many things that should be normal in life, and it would be really cool to have a normal graduation. Additionally, both convention centers are big enough to have a crowd and to have them be spread out to comply with Corona protocols.” Janean Crane said that she’d prefer a “ceremony on the football field because I have more connection to that place than I do to anything at BYU or UVU. It’s a celebration of high school so it makes sense to celebrate that at the school.” Mylee Hardman offered her opinion, saying, “I think we started the high school experience here and we should have it end with a ceremony here as well.” As you can see, there are many differing opinions on what the students of Mountain View would like to see for their graduation.

Personally, I would love to have a real graduation where I can walk across a stage with my friends to celebrate our hard work, whether it be at a university, or on our football field. I have always put my whole effort into what I do and bring to the school community. We all deserve to have closure for this unique senior year.

If it has to come down to one thing, I think I can speak for most seniors in saying we just want to have a good end to this year with a celebration of our hard work and dedication to our education. The Coronavirus has changed the daily lives of so many people, in ways that no one could have imagined. Though this time is very unsure and we don’t really know a plan for how graduation will look, we can tell that our communities and faculty are going to try their best to make this a memorable senior year graduation ceremony.