Nike V. Adidas


From left to right, the Nike icon VS the Adidas icon.

Nike and Adidas are both huge sportswear and clothing brands, but the question is: which one is better? These two brands are the biggest and people wear them all the time, especially athletes, but everyone has their own opinion.

Nike and Adidas have been the best sports shoe brands for a very long time. They are much more popular than all the other brands, but which one is better out of the two? My opinion is that both brands are great– but for shoes, I would rather wear Nike. I really liked the way that Adidas looked, and so I was getting them for a few years instead of Nike, but the shoes just kept falling apart on me. When I have Nike shoes, they last longer and don’t rip or fall apart.

Many people also love their clothes as well. I did a little survey with 30 Mountain View students and asked them if they liked Nike or Adidas clothes better, and 19 kids said they liked Nike clothes better. I asked them some questions on why they liked it better and they said the style is more in right now. There are more options with Nike than Adidas. It’s all about your opinion, though I personally like Adidas better because it fits better on me.

There are many great things about both but it’s all of your own opinion. Both have great products, and I personally love them both but I do think that I would rather have Nike over Adidas. We would love to know your opinion.