MVHS is Hosting Prom


Mckenzie Mangum

Poster advertising MVHS’s Prom on April 17.

Prom is one of the lasting memories people have of high school, and this year Mountain View is excited to announce that we will be able to have Prom, with COVID health precautions.

Emily Jacob, a junior at Mountain View said, “I’m literally SO EXCITED! Like I don’t think I could be more pumped! It’s gonna be so fun!” Prom is going to be incredible, but there are a few items you will need to be aware of.

Prom is going to be held on April 17th in an open outside area (TBD). Your date has to be a student from Mountain View. You and your date will need to get COVID tested before the event. It’s boys ask, girls ask, and stag— so just come and have fun.

The student body of Mountain View is elated to be able to have this opportunity for a school sponsored Prom. The student council has a list of girls that have not been asked yet, so go find a student council member if you want to see the list. And everyone get asking, so this dance can be a blast.

More information is to come at a further date.