MVHS Student Council 2021



Students in the Mountain View Bruin Bowl at the Senior Sunrise.

MVHS Student Council 2021


As the ending of the current school year comes into view, anticipation is apparent. At Mountain View High School, student council elections are a big source of all that excitement. Every year, the high school holds something called “Red and Gold Week”. This is a time for all the students council candidates to introduce themselves to the student body. There are always fun games to compete in and unique tricks and talents to show off to win student’s votes. The Red and Gold Week will be held from March 29th to April 2nd, so get ready to meet next year’s student candidates and have some fun! 


Mountain View’s student council is broken into multiple groups, student body positions, class positions, and representatives from clubs. There are four individuals over the whole student body, called the Executive Council, and then the senior, junior, and sophomore classes all have representatives. On top of these class student leaders, there are also general students leaders with different roles. For example, Student Body Service, Multicultural Rep., and Hope Squad Rep. 


This Red and Gold Week, take time to talk with candidates and get to know them a little better. If you are the candidate yourself, then you can take time to get to know the people who you could be serving and leading next school year. This year has been challenging in very unique ways. The students and staff of Mountain View have had to adapt to different ways of learning and life, but with every year comes new challenges. Students look not only for good leaders for the next year, but also positive things you personally can bring to Mountain View High School. Every Bruin is needed!


Primary elections were held last Friday, but the final votes will be made this week! Here is a list of MV’s Student Council 2021 candidates. Be sure to vote when directed in class!


Student Body Positions

President- Mark Preston and Chace Paul Henry

Vice President- Cali Howse

Secretary- Mathew L Makin (Fox), Francie Glenn, and Porter Schollenberger

Historian- Emily Jacob


Publicity- Summer Sampson


Service- Lucy Mugerian, Abby Yablonovsky, and Camilla Fielding


Programs- Lucy McConkie and Kristen Evan


Public Relations- Daniel Tsao


Activities- Kylie Sanders




Pep Rep- Jenny Goodman and Ty Fitch


Multicultural Rep.- Valeria Perez


Design Reps.- Ethan Christensen, Skylar Paxman, and Crystal Johnson


Tech Rep.- Joycelynn Thompson


Hope Rep.- Chris English


Senior Class Positions


President- Kylie Campbell and Royal Briney


Vice President- Eliza Freestone


Secretary- Katie Wiltbank


Historian- Jocelyn Alcala and Maren Mela


Junior Class Positions


President- Kallie Kunz, Elly Hope, and Brooke Hendrickson


Vice President- Kaylee Smith, Miranda Cheney, Tyler Blevins, and Kevin Weeks


Secretary- Tess Rasmusen and Esther L Keen


Activities- Xavier Roberts, Kate Holyoak, Garrett Whimpey, Jaden Willis, and Carol Barboza