Online vs. In-Person Learning


Calvin Gustafson

Digital art reading “Online School VS In Person.”

There are a lot of differences between online school and in person and I have done both this year. Online school is an option to do at Mountain View High School this year due to Coronavirus. There are some pros and cons about both but I’m here to tell you which one I think is better.

This year in person school is a little different. It’s not the teacher standing at the front of the class and just teaching all day. Lots of work is done online, most actually. There are a lot of pros about this. It gets people the work that they need if they are sick or not at school for a few days. It also keeps me personally more organized because I’m not digging through my bag looking for the assignment that I need for class. One big con about this is that we aren’t getting taught as much. I feel like we were learning less and not knowing what to do on some assignments.

Online school is just like in person school just not getting lectured by teachers. In online school we do all the same assignments and you can pretty much do them when you have time. If you have a job you can do your school work after the job when you have time. You are the one making time for your own assignments. One con about doing it all online is you don’t always know when things are due and you don’t get taught in front of the class on how to do something or what we need to know for the tests.

It’s great that our school is doing it in person and giving the chance for kids to do online school. I think that there are more pros about doing in person school than there are for doing online. I feel like in person classes you just learn more, have the chance to talk to friends and get more out of the stuff you learn but that’s just my opinion.