Chess vs Go

The battle between Chess and Go has been around since all of us were born. Chess is currently one of the most viewed competitive games in the world and has more rules than its rival Go. This being said, Go has more possibilities and a more expansive way to play. These things make the two games have different audiences, making the two audiences clash to see which game is better.

There is no written history of chess, but scientists guess it originated in India during the 6th century AD. Scientists also believe that the chess invented in India wasn’t the same as modern day chess. The scientists believe that chess developed into the chess we know today around the 15th century.

Unlike chess, Go is mentioned in a lot of ancient texts, but none of them say who or when the game was invented. This being said, with the book that references the game, we can get a rough estimate of when the game was invented– around the 4th to 3rd century BC. Go is more simple than chess, making the rule set more solid and unchangeable unlike chess. This means the game has stayed relatively the same since its conception.

As of today April 27th 2021 chess is one of the most if not the most viewed competitive games on the streaming platform Twitch. I believe that this is because chess has more complex rules that may be more enjoyable for people to view. While Chess is more viewed and has a more complex rule set, Go has a more expansive playstyle. The reason Go has a more expansive playstyle is because there are more spaces and pieces aren’t restricted by the starting point that chess pieces are. Go also has a bigger board with more spaces to make moves.

Chess and Go are completely different games and yet they are both considered an intellectual game. This means that people argue about which game takes more skill and is overall more of an intellectual game. Chess and Go are both wonderful games that challenge one’s brian. Even with the vastly different ruleset, these games will stand the test of time together as brain challenging games.