MVHS vs Jordan

Boys Junior Basketball game


Owen Mullen

Made by me

At Mountain View Highschool on February 11th 5:15 p.m, was the Mountain View’s vs Jordan’s Boys Basketball game. The game ended with a score of 48-58 making Jordan Highschool the winners. This is how Mountain View’s team practices to lead to these results.

They would practice for an average of 12 hours a week doing the same drills for their next game. The day before the game according to the couch for MVHS Couch Whitehead,”We did beat them last time, I think it’s a really good match up and I expect we’ll win” he said.” “We have a very dynamic offense and our defense is tough, we try to make it hard for them”. From the Varsity team Taylor says,” I think the Juniors will do good, we did win last game, just hoping we will win this game and they have improved a lot since the beginning of the season”.

Owen Mullen

During the game the first period ended with a score of 12-13, MVHS being barely behind but still hanging on. During the second period it becomes a score of 22-29, showing that Jordan is gaining a lead. During the third period it was a score of 33-40 expressing the true struggle of the game. Then period 4, the last stretch of the game, with a score of 48-58 making MVHS lose by 10 points. This shows since Jordan’s last game with MVHS they were not happy with their loss and that gave them a motivation boost to take their revenge.

Owen Mullen

With the end results MVHS showed that they didn’t let up and kept at Jordan’s tail till the very end of the game even though any chance of winning seemed impossible. Till their next game these boys will continue to Bruin together as they come to practice and improve their skills for more amazing games to come.