Who’s the sharpest? MVHS! Who’s got power? MVHS! Who’s gonna hit it? MVHS!


On January 7th at Timpview High School the MVHS cheerleaders got the news they’ve been waiting to hear all year! With their third competition coming to an end they triumphed together by qualifying for the USA cheerleading national competition which will be held in Anaheim, California at the end of February.

With two impressive qualifying routines, our varsity team is so excited to dazzle the judges with their peppy spirit. One of the routines, the ‘Showcase Routine,’ at the competition even got 2nd place in its category. The coaches Charlie, Ryan, and Kamber have put in so many hours for months to help our athletes reach their full potential. It has been a rough year for the team, but they keep overcoming and putting in the effort to succeed.

What makes a good cheer routine? Well at Mountain View, a huge focal point is all in the precise sharpness of our dance moves. For those who have witnessed our cheer team in action they often say that they are really in sync and that is all due to the sharpness. An additional key element is from performing high rising stunts. If you were to ask any cheerleader at our school what their favorite part is they would all reply with stunting. Great stunts are only able to happen with full communication and 100% effort out of everyone involved. Often what people see is the flyer doing fun flips. There is a ton more that goes into pulling off the skill. Each stunt group usually consists of two bases (people holding up the flyer), a backspot (person that directs, and controls the stunt) and finally the flyer (person off of the ground). Our cheerleaders definitely have exceptional stunts to show off. A huge part of the showcase is trying to make the judges want to cheer with you. If they are not feeling the school spirit, you are doing it wrong. It also involves so many tumbling skills.

In the second routine, the ‘Fight song Routine,’ our cheer team gets the chance to show off their spunky moves that go along with the Bruin fight song. Kamber, the cheer coach said, “Remember the three parts that go into the scoring is sharpness, excitement, and clean formations,” at a recent practice of the fight song. It involves cardinal and gold signs and poms as props.

At this upcoming event (Nationals) the cheer team also plans on doing some awesome team building activities, but the obvious favorite that they are all talking about is spending 2 days in Disneyland. With the schedule packed for the next month on top of preparing, the flexible athletes have been attending basketball games, wrestling matches, before school practices, and extra tumbling classes. With all of this hustle and bustle, they still manage to have several unforgettable experiences along the way. Either way the outcome of this year’s Nationals will for sure be reflected on in fondness in years to come by this incredible group of girls!