January is School Board Appreciation Month. What even is a school board?


A picture of Alpine schools districts current school board. Found on the Alpine School District website.

Many students are familiar with hearing about their school board, but many don’t even know what a school board does for the school or them. Some students even go through their entire school career not knowing what the school board is. This month is School Board Appreciation Month. This month allows an opportunity to learn why people should appreciate their school board and why they have one.

School boards are a group of people who oversee schools in a certain district and have many jobs that affect the schools. The school board of a school is the political side of a school district. All of the members of the school board have to be elected. The potential members of the school board are not required to have any school or political experience, and their children do not even have to go to school. They deal with any political issues that arise in the school district. The school board also enforces any policies that might be needed to help the management of the schools. They do this to make sure that the staff and students are the safest they can be. The school board also does some more business-related things for the school.

School districts rely on the school board to figure out the budget to spend so that the schools can figure out what they need to spend money on the most and what they do not need to spend money on the most. They also tell the schools how they would allow public access. They do this to ensure that people who should be able to get to school can. They try to make the staff and students safe and comfortable in and out of the school. The school board is pretty much the backbone of the schools in their district.

They serve the community schools to help their students, teachers, and even the parents of the students. The school board oversees the curriculum of the school. They have a say in what teachers can teach and not teach. They do this to ensure the students have time to learn about everything they need to know and to leave out the things they do not need to learn. The school board not only has jobs for the overall but jobs that affect the actual learning. The school boards have a good amount of responsibilities that we recognize and should appreciate.

School boards do a ton of things for the school district. They handle the political and business side of the school. They truly make the school run, and if we did not have them then the schools in the districts would not be able to run right. The school board has many jobs that many people do not know about. People should go out and try to find out more about their school board and who is on it. They should also try to remember and learn the tasks the school board does for them and understand why this month is for this.