MVHS wrestlers wrestling to get into State

Wrestlers from MVHS competed in Divisionals on February 4th at Tooele High for the boys and Stansbury High for the girls, to qualify for state. The purpose of Divional’s is not only another tournament but to be used to measure each wrestler to see whether or not they qualify for state, which is even bigger.

During this event, 12 boys and 17 girls from MVHS were able to qualify for state. The boys placed 3rd out of 16 teams and the girls placed 5th out of 15 teams. Coach Chad Blevins said, “The boys and girls team truly encourage and motivate each other on and off the mat.”

The way Divsionals rank wrestlers depends on how well they did. “The lower level wrestlers have to wrestle the higher level wrestlers first, because if you have two of the best wrestlers wrestle first,… then one is out and that’s kinda lame sauce.” Coach Maren Stafford said. “It’s awesome to win Divisionals, but the main thing it does is give you a good chance to be ranked well.” This also means that if a wrestler is injured they won’t need to go against another really good wrestler straight away. “We got tough girls out there, they’re brave to even go out there, it’s a scary thing,” Coach Stafford said. Both the boys and girls that qualified for State are now refining and conditioning their skills as well as motivating each other whether they are on the mat or off.