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The Impact of Visual Arts Classes in High School


Mountain View High School offers a huge variety of visual arts classes to the students, including: jewelry, ceramics, printmaking, video production and digital photography. These classes help teach students to be more creative and to think more deeply. By taking these classes, you will be able to learn more about the history of art, and learn to be more appreciative of all art forms.

When asked how taking visual arts classes can impact your life, Madison Bramble said, “Taking art classes in high school has changed me greatly. I have been able to learn so much about myself through the art that I make. I have also had the opportunity to meet so many new people and make new and lifelong friends.”

The art programs open so many doors to students by helping them get not only their art, but their emotions and opinions into the world. Art has a way of connecting people like nothing else, and it can help us come together and be more united.

Participating in art classes helps students to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. In the article “Visual Arts Matter” by The National Art Education Association, it lists some things that art impacts are: strengthening critical thinking, encouraging student engagement, enhancing writing quality and reading skills, improving test scores, and much more. The level of participation in visual art classes is much higher than most other classes, which is what makes it so significant.

Alice Horrocks talks about how different art classes are from other high school classes by saying, “It’s really nice to have a class that focuses on something that I actually really enjoy and would like to do outside of school.” Having classes that students really enjoy makes the high school experience so much more memorable and exciting.

Jeffery Hemming, a teacher here at Mountain View, talks about how taking an art class in high school can improve your GPA immensely. Most art classes are graded mainly from participation and creativity, so it’s much easier to get a good grade in an art class than it is to get a good grade in many other classes.

In conclusion, taking arts classes in high school can only help you. It comes with so many priceless opportunities and memories that you can carry with you forever.

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