Orem Recreation Center Upgrades


The Orem Recreation Center was closed for upgrades in 2019. They have since made lots of progress on the building. Both the leisure pool and lap pool are open to the public. The entire center is scheduled to open in February of 2021. Although it isn’t entirely open yet, there are still many things to look forward to.

Although the fitness center is not currently open, the city is currently offering special perks to people who donate $25 or more. This program is called the “Orem Founders Circle.” Depending on how much you donate, you could get a Founder’s Club pin, shirt, water bottle, duffle bag, your name in the center, a lifetime discount on membership, or all of the above. However, this deal can only last for so long. It will end when the center opens in February.

The Friendship Center and Orem Recreation Center have been working closely since the Recreation Center closed for upgrades. Passholders for the Recreation Center who still had active memberships when it closed can enjoy a fitness center at the Orem Friendship Center. Orem Recreation also held art classes for kids K-6 at the Friendship Center. These classes have projects that are based around fun books.

Other activities being held at the Friendship Center are dance and gymnastics/tumbling classes. These are offered for anyone ages three and up. The gymnastic classes range from beginner to advanced. The tumbling classes are for anyone 6 and under. The dance classes started in September and have their recital December 9th. Some of the classes include tap, ballet, hip hop, and jazz.

The Orem Recreation Center has certain COVID-19 measures in place. The senior programs have been cancelled to help protect the people at a higher risk. Refunds are offered for programs that are cancelled or COVID related concerns. In order to limit the number of people, you have to reserve your spot online using their website https://www.oremrecreation.com/. Wearing a mask is also required of employees.

The Orem Recreation website has lots of updates related to the building and other information. The center will offer lots of programs when it opens. Some of the programs include fishing, disc golf, evil scientist academy, and lacrosse. All of these are open to registration in January. If you are looking for something to do, make sure to check out the new and improved Orem Recreation Center.