MVHS Football Team Shutdown


Erika Anderson

Bruins last ride

The MVHS Bruins football team had to miss play from October 2nd through October 9th, covid-19 had struck some of the members of the team and they had to shut down for 2 weeks. This made the team miss the games against Stansbury High School and Cedar Valley High School.. The Bruins record was not affected by this for the playoffs.
This brings up a good question: what did the football team do? During the two weeks of no games, they practiced like the games weren’t canceled. The cancellation of the games did not affect the work ethic of the team. The last game of the season against Tooele High School was also at risk. Tooele had their own shut down, which cost them the rest of their season,and the game against Mountain View was cancelled. Luckily, the Bruins ended up playing Woods Cross High School for their season finale on October 16th.
Originally, the Bruins senior night was going to be against Cedar Valley on October 9th, but the Bruins ended up playing their senior night against the Woods Cross Wildcats. The Bruins sadly lost to Woods Cross 20-10. Their record for the season was 5-3.
The Bruins are now in the playoffs. For more information please see the article “Playoffs” by Preston Thompson.