Why the Dodgers Will Win the World Series


Dez Hester

LA Dodgers hat on a baseball mitt.

As of right now, the Dodgers vs. Rays World Series is tied up 1-1. The first game was dominated by the Dodgers and ended with a score of 8-3. The second game was a close call, but the Rays ended up winning the second game with a score of 6-4. I predict that the Dodgers will win the series 4-2. Here are some reasons for my prediction.

The first reason I think that the Dodgers will come out on top is their pitching staff. They have a very advanced pitching staff, with one time MVP and three time Cy Young Award winner, Clayton Kershaw, followed by notorious Joe Kelley, then young Dustin May. All of these pitchers are very accomplished and very dominant in the MLB. The Dodgers have a very good pitching staff.

While the Rays also have good hitting, I believe that the Dodgers hitting is a lot more clutch than the Rays. When the Dodgers need to make something happen, they will make something happen. They have a couple of really good hitters. Cody Bellinger with one of the nicest swings in baseball. The new addition to the Dodgers lineup, Mookie Betts who hits for one of the highest averages in the league, and not to mention is very fast. Corey Seager this post season is on fire with 11 home runs. The MVP award is between these three guys and I think that they really shine in the postseason.

Swag Factor
If you watch the World Series, it is obvious that the players who find the most success have an element of swag and competitiveness that is fun to watch. The bat flips from Cody Bellinger after he hits home runs. The little celebrations from Mookie Betts after hitting a double. The Dodgers have a swag factor and you can tell they are having fun with the game. Cody and Mookie out in the outfield look like best friends playing in little league. The guys who have fun and have swag on the field find the most success, and the Dodgers as a team have more swag than the Rays.

Dodgers Overall
At the end of the day the Dodgers are the better team. They have more Swag, more talent, and they have more fun than the Rays. Baseball is a game that is played for fun, and if you have fun with it you will find success. The Dodgers also have a better Pitching staff, and more clutch hitters. The Dodgers should win the series 6-4 and Mookie Betts should have his 2nd ring in 3 years.